Our Publishers

There is No Joining Fees , No Fees to Use Any Service . It Means You can Earn From Adpayon in 100% Free , You Just Have internet and You will Start Earning. Becoming Our Publisher is a very easy way. Just register with Adpayon and Start Earnig Right a way. In this we will describe all the Benefits of Publishers in Details.

Step 1 : Register & Login

You have login and register an account with Adpayon.

Step 2 : Complete the Challenge

After successful registration, you have to ask to complete the challenge. The challange is just some task. Once you complete the challange you will become the part of our Adpayon network.

Step 3 : Refer Adpayon To your Friends

Once you become member of our Adpayon network, you can refer your friends to earn more money. You will get paid on every user you refer. For more see payoutchart

Withdraw Your Earned Money

Bank Transfer :

You can Easily Withdraw Your Earned Money via Bank Transfer.

Mobile Recharge :

You can Also Withdraw your earned by Recharging Any Mobile number .

E-Gift Cards :

You can Also Withdraw Your Money via E-Gift cards of Amazon, Flipkart, etc. As You withdraw We will Email you the Gift cards.

Earn without Investing a Single Rupee.

Refer To Friends and Earn :

As You refers Your Friends and he completes the Challenege, Not only you who gets its payment but also Your Above 6 Persons Who its Payment too. Ex : If A Refers B,B refers C,C Refers D,D refers E,E refers F,F refers G,G Refers H Then A Will Get benefit On Joining of H Too. IN the Same Manner When You becomes your Network then you will get Payment . No Restriction on Direct refferral. You can Join Unlimited persons at Level 1.

Make Your Business International

Refer International People and Earn :

You cannot only Earn by referring people of Your country but you will also earns as you join People of Other Country. If Adpayon is running in that country where you want to share then you will gets its payment too. Ex : If Person of USA Refers Indian Person and Indian then Refers Australian then Person of USA will get benefit of India and Australia Both. Adpayon is the First Networking country who is implementing this Concent with 100% Free System.

How much We can Earn?

Payout Chart Example :

As According to Our System we are Distributing Commission of 1 Joining .Below is the Example of Earning if We have to Distribute $2 Per joining and Every Publisher will Join 10 people in his network. ( Note : This is Just Example : Normally a Users Gets Rs 10 to Rs 40 Per Joining.

Benefits of Joining With Adpayon

  • Earn Millions by just completing some task.
  • Redeem Your Earned Money Via Paypal, Mobile Recharge and E-Gift Cards.
  • You can do Mobile recharge of any Country
  • Our system is 100% Free to use.
  • Refer your Friends and Start Earning Immediately

Contact Info

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  • +91-9988801431 (Whatsapp Only)
  • info@adpayon.com
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